Dating Beautiful Filipina Bombshells Helpful Tips

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Dating Beautiful Filipina Bombshells Helpful Tips

It is said that dating beautiful Filipina bombshells is difficult. This is not true. It’s crazy, like from super pretty to supermodel, she knows how to fix a clogged pipe, knows how to repair a broken water closet. You don’t need a guy joke. That’s a joke.


We are going to discuss the five things that you should know about Filipino women. So actually this is five plus one bonus fact at the end of the article. So as we all know, the Philippines has already opened for leisure travel. This is the best chance for you guys to come and visit your girlfriend, your family or the girl, the Filipino girl that you’ve met online and you’ve been wanting to meet them for so long already.

Dating Beautiful Filipina Bombshells Helpful Tips

Now Is The Best Time Dating Beautiful Filipina Bomshells

This is the best time. Or if you’re just wanting to meet or to see to find the hot Filipino camgirl of your dreams. This is the best chance for you. This is the best time to visit the Philippines. Everything mentioned here is from  my personal experience, observations and my personal opinion.


The first thing that you should know about Filipino women is that sexy Filipina girls are shy type of girls. What do I mean by that? You go to the Philippines, you meet the girl that you’ve been dating online and then you meet them in the airport. They pick you up at the airport and you expect them to give you a passionate kiss like they missed you so much.

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Filipino Girls Are Conservative Taking Things Slow

Do not expect that you cannot even expect them to hold your hands while walking already the first time you meet them.  Filipino girls like to take it slow. We like to get to know you first before we get comfortable with you. We don’t like public displays of affection, especially in the beginning of the relationship. You have to earn trust from us and we have to feel comfortable with you before we offer that first passionate kiss, we have to feel comfortable with you because firstly we want to create a bond 1st and to feel that spark and to create that connection.


We are conservative type of people here in the Philippines, this is our culture. So even nowadays girls are still conservative and still shy but maybe not all but mostly.


So the second thing that you should know about beautiful Filipino girls is that we are loving and caring. I know it’s known all over the world that Filipinos are family oriented. We will put our families first above anything else, may it be financial or emotional needs? We put them first and if you want to date a Filipino girl, you should feel comfortable about it. And it is also important.


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Meeting The Family Is Part Of Making Her Happy

You have to meet their family, you have to meet all their relatives. The whole plan, You can make them happy by doing that. Meeting the relatives of your Filipina is really such a big thing for them. Usually in the Philippines, what they do is they throw a big party when meeting the family of the Filipina girl . Then they are going to celebrate, prepare a lot of food, drink a lot of beer, drink a lot of wine.


It’s like a wedding day already, but it’s really not, it’s just how Filipinos are, it’s how we are, it’s how we welcome you in our family. It’s also a good thing to know that once you’re already in a relationship with a Filipina or once you get married.

You have to be comfortable helping out the family from time to time, you have to set boundaries, you have to feel comfortable about it because you will learn by that time, that Filipino family relationship is very tight and it’s our culture to have a tight relationship with our families.

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