Understanding Jealous Filipinas Know The Reasons & Fix Them

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Understanding Jealous Filipinas  And Avoiding Problems

Understanding jealous Filipinas, and the thinking involved behind this is vital to avoid some possible explosive situations. So I want to talk about jealousy, a very serious issue with many Filipinas. If you are a foreigner and dating a Filipina, I’m sure you know this already you’re Filipina is jealous anytime, every time you go out and then you happen to see a group of people like let’s say girls and then they turn their head to look at these beautiful girls and then your Filipina girl will get jealous. Right?

Understanding Filipina Jealousy How To Avoid It Social

Know The Thinking Processes For Understanding Jealous Filipinas

I know the feeling every time that we are jealous, it’s just because we feel threatened, she’s pretty and because her physical Filipina traits, she’s thinking when you turn your head and she feels threatened because what he saw on you, he also see it with those girls around one more thing is if you have a girl best friend that is actually funny, you have a girl’s best friend, just don’t try to mention about it every time, like not all the time, but every time that you do something that and you remember um doing something with your best friend, just don’t mention it.

If you are talking to your Filipino girlfriend because they will think that you are missing your girl best friend. Actually, I don’t believe in girl best friends, there is always something there, there is love there, believe me, maybe not, they don’t feel sexual attraction towards their girl’s best friend but there is not there and broken and a girlfriend trusts you, there is nothing to worry about, but just be careful because most Filipinos will react to it.

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Another thing is when you are crawling on social media, if you’re a social media person and your Filipina caught you stopping on someone’s girl’s picture on Facebook or on Instagram and spending more time on that certain picture and and scrawling more on her picture and um inspecting the picture. Be careful of that. If your girl caught you doing that, she will terrorize you until morning. And also I have wanted for you guys. If you are walking on a street like this with your Filipina girl.  I suggest you hold her hands so that she will not think that you are just a friend or just someone you know so that she will think that you are proud to be with her.

Now you know what to do when you’re a Filipino girl sulking. You just have to like to give them assurance that you only want them and you only love them, that you only have eyes for them. That even if they are looking at other girls’ pictures or other girls around, they’re turning their heads around, just give them assurance that you only have eyes for them even if it’s not true.

Just keep quiet and let father time do the magic it always shall do. Time heals most wounds in life especially jealous Filipinas.


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