Smoking Hot Filipinas Bring An Immediate Smile

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An Immediate Smile Comes Seeing Smoking Hot FIlipinas

I’m here to tell you how to flirt with smoking hot FIlipinas. Apparently. Nowadays guys just seem to not get it. So I want to tell you the girl code humor. If they’re not laughing at your jokes for them. Not literally though, If you can’t make me laugh, then there’s always gonna be that awkward silence and I don’t want that body language, don’t cross your arms. It just feels like you’re standoffish, you’re being rude, don’t do that and fidgeting. If you have a nervous twitch, try to control it because if you’re tapping your finger or spinning your pen or kicking your feet, that’s a huge sign that you are either A or bored or B. You’re just an uncomfortable touch.

Smoking Hot FIlipinas Bring Immediate Smiles To Faces

Flirting With Smoking Hot Filipinas Should Be Classy Discreet & Subtle

There’s a time and place where you can touch a woman, but if you want to get out of that friend zone, just do subtle touches like touch my hand or my back. Do not touch the butt. That’s a huge no, no, you will not touch me in that manner or touch anywhere along her clavicle. That is unwanted physical contact. Hey, what are you doing when I fight with a guy? I don’t really notice where my hands wander off to, I don’t know if I touch his arm, his hands, the back of his neck, his thigh like his, but his junk. Did you just bite me?

Smoking Hot Filipinas Sexy Animation
Smoking Hot Filipinas Sexy Animation

Asian Women Love To Be The Center Of Attention

I really don’t know. The problem with me is that my hands tend to wander and I don’t know where they actually go. First is attention. It is huge to give me your full undivided attention. If you can put in that effort, put in that work, show me that you can live without your phone in today’s society. Perfect. I need you to give me tunnel vision. You got that in my heart because I know that you’re not wandering off, straying away like a dog from the house.

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Laser Focus Your Attention On Your Asian Girl

I need to make sure that you are paying attention to me. You’re not distracted by other pieces of ass, other toys. Look at me, I’m the captain now. So if you can show me complete attention, put in the extreme effort then you got my attention. You can break the social distancing rule. You can come a little bit closer than six feet, just kidding. LOL

Keep the distance between her because you’ve never met her. But if you get a little closer, then, you know, like, okay, I’m testing the waters. I’m getting my feet wet and then a little closer than you notice. Maybe she’s really feeling me. Then you get even closer. I’m not invading your space. Eye contact. Holding eye contact looking at smoking hot Filipinas is very important.

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