Provincial Filipina Dating Things To Consider

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Provincial Filipina Dating Things To Consider

Now we’ve discussed a few of the common situations you’ll encounter on your date with a city girl or one from the suburbs, but many of you prefer provincial Filipina dating girls. They tend to be more innocent. Legend has it that they make better girlfriends or wives because they haven’t been infected with more liberal ideas and habits.

According to most provincial girls, it isn’t really all that different from other pretty Pinays except in essential ways. In many cases you’re going to be the first Western man that your provincial Filipino girl has ever dated. She has no idea of your culture and the only thing she knows about you is from the story she’s heard. The things she might have seen on TV, etc.

Provincial Filipina Dating Things To Consider

Differences Between City Girls & Provincial Filipina Dating

Expect her to be much more shy than the city girl and count on the fact that her English isn’t going to be as advanced so you might have to speak more slowly, repeat yourself often and be patient with her. Another important difference is that a provincial Filipina will latch onto you emotionally very, very quickly. They assume that because you went on a date or maybe even shared a kiss that there were wedding bells in your near future.

This type of sexy Pinay lbfm lets her dreams run out of control. Imagine all kinds of things that are way beyond the situation as you see it. I beg you don’t play with her emotions or lead her on. These are often very fragile and sometimes immature girls who don’t have much experience with romance. You can completely crush them by playing games with them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Her The Truth

If you date a provincial girl and don’t feel any chemistry with her don’t be afraid to pull the plug. Just gently tell her the situation as soon as possible. In a way that’s as humane as possible. That way she won’t have time to start writing all these fairy tale endings in her head and the fall to the ground won’t be as hard on her. Now I said that according to the provincial girl it wasn’t really all that different from dating a city Filipino girl, but there is an exception.

If she’s from a very old fashioned family, things can sometimes get, well, weird while the following situation is becoming more rare in the Philippines. I’d like to explain what you might encounter if you try for a relationship with a girl from deep in the Heartland. When you first mention to your provincial princess that you’d like to go on a date and she mentions meeting her family right off the bat, there’s your first clue that you might be talking to a traditional hot Filipina lbfm. This kind of girl takes a little more finesse and you want to carefully consider what you’re getting into first.

Be Prepared To Meet The Philippines Family

When you agree to date her, she’s gonna want the day to happen at her parents house. Be prepared to also face her entire family. They may spend several hours grilling you about your job, your family and your previous relationships and marriages.  They won’t look kindly on and your intentions toward their daughter.  This process will make a a background check look mild in comparison. Be sure to wear extra deodorant because you’re gonna need it. But here’s where it gets really weird after that.

You may actually be expected to chop firewood, put it by the door and then go and fetch buckets of fresh water for the family as a symbol of support and devotion to their daughter. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be expected to serenade your Pinay with love songs outside her window at night to prove your affection. How’s your impression of Frank Sinatra? But that’s an extreme case of an old fashioned provincial family. They do exist and you might run into that situation, but at least now you’ll know what to expect.


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