Asian Dating Stereotypes In The West

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Asian Dating Stereotypes In The West

We are tapping into Asian dating stereotypes from the strange generalizations of what people think dating an Asian girl is like. To discussing the issue of interracial relationships and self hating Asians, it’s evident that dating as an Asian in the west certainly comes with many dilemmas.

Dating as an Asian in the West is kind of tricky because as much as you don’t want race to be an issue often it is a thing. For example, most Asian sexy girls will have experienced Asian fetish.

Guys say they’ve never dated an Asian girl before, it’s like a bucket list thing. So in those circumstances, chatting to a non Asian guy, the question of does he only like me because I’m Asian is often a thing.

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Red Flags Easy To Read For Asian Dating Stereotypes

You have to read the red flags and listen.  That’s definitely a big thing. That’s a continuous question that always just cycles through minds. Do they really like you for who you are or because you have black hair. All the stereotypes of an Asian girl exactly, which feeds into the Asian fetish argument.

Many Asian girls are late bloomers and have never been in a relationship.  This is a result of studying really hard at school and then focusing on pursuing a career right after high school. Many girls are major introverts and have the confidence of the size of a pea.

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Many Stereotypes Are Self Inflicted

So all this combined are typical Asian dating stereotypes. You earn money and going out isn’t a big thing at this point. Although this is all self inflicted and their parents have little or nothing to do with it.

All those cute romantic things that you see in movies and knowing what love feels like is really a struggle to put yourself out during schooling years.  A lot of pretty Asian women do feel really ugly because they tend to mature a lot later. Many Asian girls kind of bloom in their twenties or even late twenties. Having braces with a side friend with acne.

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 Asian Girls Just Want To Fit Into Western Society

This can spark the concept of me wanting to only date westerners. Girls don’t want to date Asian guys because they think if they do then it will make me less Asian. And if they did date an Asian guy then it would just make me more Asian, which is not what I wanted. Kind of a catch 22 situation.

Asian girls just want to fit into Western society and these are the things that present themselves in their minds.  Finding identity and becoming more content in their skin.  Race should never be an issue, but often it is a thing. This needs to change as everyone is the same on the planet we live on called Earth.


Some Asian guys can have a really negative reaction to hot Asian girls that have a tendency to date white guys. They’ll say things like, you only date white guys, you’re one of those girls, or you’re a self hating Asian. It’s all whitewash and fake. The issue of White fetish instead of Asian. This racism needs to stop and so does Asian dating stereotypes!

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