Asian Women Prefer Older Guys Discussion

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Discussing Asian Women Prefer Older Guys

So let’s talk about the age of men and Asian women prefer older guys. This is a big topic which gets blown out of proportion because of many factors. These factors mainly involve the stereotyping girls get from travel stories to the Philippines or Thailand. Every country has girls who sell their bodies for sex to make money. Guys go to Asia and have sex with Asian girls then talk about it to their friends. Or they post the stories online then people think all Oriental women are like that. I think it’s kinda stupid but that is a false projection of reality.

Asian Women Prefer Older Guys

Asian Women Prefer Experience & Respect For Life

The age method or Asian women prefer factor in a relationship is huge. We experience younger guys who basically just want sex not much more. They just don’t care much not thinking of the future. More importantly they are not thinking of the other person’s life and the decisions they make which impact.

The right type of person has way more overall respect for women. Respect for life in general and all the little things that put everything together.  They know how to treat women because they have experienced it their whole life or are more educated than most. They already have made mistakes knowing all too the consequences things have.

Asian Women Prefer Older Guys Animation Beach Babe
Animation Beach Babe Asian Women Prefer Older Guys

Smarter Asian Girls Want To Build Make Their Lives Better

So it’s kind of perfect. Smarter Asian women prefer older, more mature guys for these reasons and several others.  Guys of the same age or younger just want to go have a drink party, smoke weed or go out clubbing. This is fun sometimes but not all the time. Life is too precious to be wasted on such trivial pursuits that normally end up in folly. Sure you have a great time in the present but there are much better things to accomplish rather than waste time and money on a party that only lasts a few hours. You could be spending that time on building something for your future. Making your life a happier situation and ultimately saving money.

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Any Good Asian Girl Wants Meaningful Legacy And Future

Many people forget that saving money is actually earning money. Perhaps I’m off the rails on these notions but they are truly old school values of preparing for the future. Caring about the quality of your life and making some sort of legacy in the future. In a word, family.

Any good Asian girl or any woman for that matter wants a meaningful family of their own. Things bring fulfillment to their lives and impact the future lives of countless others. Meaningful generational relationships that build a solid future should be more prevalent in today’s world. It would solve many of the problems we see around our lives today.

There is nothing more beautiful than a half Asian half Western baby and soon to be young man or woman. I believe these realities should be the cornerstone for human society. I guess only in a perfect world. These are the thoughts I believe of any Asian girl with a sense of purpose and direction.


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