Asian Girl Tradition Is Vital But It Can Easily Be Lost

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Don’t Lose The Vital Asian Girl Tradition

Asian girl tradition is key and something they are proud of. Many people don’t understand the true meaning of that.  These little Asian nuggets of gold. I call them nuggets because they’re so small. A lot of Asian women are just tiny. 

If you’re like 5 feet 8 inches tall you are considered tall as an Asian girl. In the Philippines, the women are 4 feet 11 inches they’re tiny and so small. The amount of Filipino girls that I have dated and when I get to the Philippines, I’m gonna confirm it. 

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Some Of These Asian Women Are Five Feet Nothing

A lot of the Filipinas are very petite are less than five feet tall.  With a weight of about 80 to 90 pounds. You could put her in your luggage and store her in your overhead storage bins on the airplane! Just kidding but pretty much a reality.  

If you decide to marry a Filipina, best not to take them back to America. Only visiting is fine but not long term. Unless you don’t care about them keeping their true identity. Take a Filipina or any Asian girl to your home country to live and they are ruined. The Asian girl tradition will soon vanish and they will be westernized. 

Asian Girl Tradition Animation
Asian Girl Tradition Animation

Don’t Defeat The Purpose Of Asian Girl Tradition

If that’s what you want, up to you. It defeats the purpose of the Asian girl tradition. 

Don’t do anything crazy. I know you are tempted to bring them back home but it’s a bad idea. Do not do that. If they come on their own accord, they get their green card like my ex wife, that’s fine. Yes, I was married to a little Thai girl. She was an ex stewardess for Cathay Pacific. It wasn’t her fault things ended, it was mine.

It’s a long story best told later. Don’t worry about it. If I could, I would do it again.

Asian Culture And What Is Considered Normal

So essentially the culture in Asia, it just doesn’t support their normal behavior. Does that make sense? And they feel alienated? It’s a big mess. You gotta be with them in their country which I’m fine with. 

Anyway, so you get the first big piece of chicken. Not only that, most traditional foreign Asian women are going to give you a massage. Yes gentlemen. You have heard legends about this. It’s going to happen.

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She is going to massage you the first time this happened to me? My mind was like, what? What, what’s happening? What are you doing? Why are you rubbing my feet? Are you touching my feet? This is weird. And there’s a big bowl of adobo in my face and she puts the pit, she fluffs up the pill and puts it, Huh? What are you doing? 

Poor treatment by American women is normal. When a proper Asian woman does acts of kindness for you. Your mind will shut off. Average guys out there traumatized. You’re not gonna know what to do.

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