Dating Asian Girls How Do You Know They Like You

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When Dating Asian Girls How Do You Know They Like You

If you’re dating Asian girls how do you really know if they like you or not? Or if they just went out with you and felt sorry for you. You have no idea if they like you or what not.  Two Asian matchmakers’ advice will help shed some light on what those things mean.

When you’re dating Asian women and sometimes they’re giving you hints. Sometimes they’re giving you clues but you just really can’t figure out what the heck they really mean. So hopefully this article on dating Asian women will help.

Dating Asian Girls Busty Japanese Babe

I Just Want To Be Friends Dating Asian Girls Say

Do you find yourself going out on a date and then the Oriental woman says oh yeah let’s just meet and be friends.  You might think is she going out with me but we’re just friends.  This isn’t a date.

She’s not trying to put you in the friend category that’s for sure.  I was just in Hong Kong and Beijing recently and going to dim sum with friends. One of the friends ended up inviting a guy along as a normal date.

Busty Japanese Babe Dating Asian Girls
Busty Japanese Babe Dating Asian Girls

Dating in Asia Is Culturally Different

So it’s just culturally different where they are in a different dating model. If friends come together and there’s also someone you’re interested in there. It’s normal that’s a date it’s not like hi I’m just trying to put you in the friend category.

It’s different than how we do dates here in the Western world where it’s one-on-one dating. That’s when it’s a date so when you’re dating an Asian woman you just have to kind of make space for that and dig in more before you think oh she just wants to be my friend because that might not be the case.

Group Dating Is Not Unusual In Asian Countries

She just is used to dating differently. Did you know that the concept of group dating is very popular in Japan, Hong Kong and some other Asian countries?

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That’s not unusual and maybe you know they just carried it on here for a little bit. For the most part it’s not uncommon for her to invite you out on a second date with a group or at a party. It’s things like that you need to keep that in mind when dating Asian girls


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