Buxom Asian Model Get Popular Through Social Media

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Getting Popular Through Social Media Buxom Asian Models

Everything today is just video blogs so for a buxom Asian model to get popular these platforms are needed to get followers. Like the last Vlog I did was Disneyland and my backlog is just terrible. I’m going to outsource it some Asian lbfm cam model friends. I’m just kind of accepting that like time is what I need and I don’t have the time to edit every single vlog?

I think that you have so much footage you have to go through it all and then you’re like, oh God and you have to make a story line, cut it out to the right transitions, how are you going to do the closing? It’s just all the technical stuff. It’s just so much work and then you also lose the aspect of enjoying the experience too because you’re so worried.

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Getting A Subscriber Base For A Buxom Asian Model On Social Media

i have to get this shot, I have to get that shot. The work doesn’t equate to liking your experience when you film the raw footage. And then also I feel like isn’t it hard to get a subscriber base too unless they already like you, if you start from scratch it is hard because that’s when you need to figure out what do people want?

Like what do they like? So you have to start off sometime.If you’re just kind of doing it organically you need to start off niche wise. It’s going to take a long time to build that unless you have an existing community and you just kind of migrate them over to your other platform. Like what would be a niche for like Youtube?

Hot Buxom Asian Model Animation
Hot Buxom Asian Model Animation

Specific Niches And Creativity Is Needed

You have to be in a specific niche or niche down for example, like what I do, like specifically maybe something that could kick start on on Youtube is like the car scene for people, like exotic cars and girls. So if you just kind of keep doing that over and over again on Youtube and eventually you pick up some traction.

So you start off with a variety. Then people kind of don’t know what the hell you’re doing right? You just have to niche down. Yeah, my biggest Sexy Asian platform is Instagram. That’s where I started and I’m trying to step away from it to diversify. But I like my favorite Tiktok a little bit better than Tiktok. I like Tiktok’s a lot.

Excessive Editing Get Things Right

I do like blogging and Youtube. That’s excessive editing. Tiktok is so much shorter so it’s a lot easier to edit. It can be a hard time with the editing process.  aIt takes me like 10 takes to do this goddamn dance and the dance has like five steps.

But then your eyelashes look weird, like your facial expression doesn’t match the dance. You look dusty in the video. So you gotta do 10 more drafts and then like if you accident, I’ve done just like you accidentally posted the video with the wrong caption.

I hate it because the buttons are so inconvenient.  Like a post when you want to draft it or save it. I’ve had to take the finished watermarked Tiktok video and crop it just so that I could re-upload it. The technical things that need to be done is not for a buxom Asian model to do. So they can kiss my big Asian ass.


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