Dating Sexy Chinese Girls Starts With Texting

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Texting Is The Start Of Dating Sexy Chinese Girls

Today we’re going to talk about dating sexy Chinese girls and what you might expect. So before we start it’s important to point out that Chinese people are very “results oriented” versus experience oriented. Which means it’s going to show through in culture. This is an important fact to remember throughout the entire process.

You’ll definitely get a sense of that when you’re dating a hot Chinese girl.  Remember these are generalizations. And things are changing in China, you should still know what you’re getting into.


Dating Sexy Chinese Girls Starts With Texting

Things Are The Opposite When Dating Sexy Chinese Girls

In the West, the way we meet each other is we get to know each other individually. Then if we’re into each other, we introduce this person to our friends. In China it’s the opposite. So your friends are the ones that either bring you together.

If they approve or they tear apart if you’re a foreigner? Most likely you won’t meet her through groups of friends. No matter how you meet her or where you meet her.  Expect her to give you her number and get ready for the texting part of the dating.


Dating Sexy Chinese Girls Starts With Texting
Dating Sexy Chinese Girls Animation

Time For The 20 Questions Routine

The texting part can usually last about two weeks to a month. No big deal. You ask her to go out sometime. They might give you their number. They will ask what your education is. Do you have a job? What is your career? Do you have a car?

The questions continue. Do you have a house? Is it big or small? Do you live at your parents house? What do your parents do?

Instead of making the effort to text and arrange a date. Texting in China is considered dating during this stage. The girl will try to find out as much as she can about the guy this way.  Most of the time it’s about certain things. Like the questions asked above.

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Texting Is Considered Dating In China

In the West texting each other is just so we can get on the first date, right? In China, texting is dating. So when you actually meet each other, you’re already kind of on the sixth date or seventh date. You are already together during the texting stage, the pressure is all on the guy to find out what the girl likes.

So if she mentions something, remember this when you go on your first date. Then get to the question of asking her out. Something like do you want to grab a coffee? That is generally how things work when dating a Chinese girl in the mainland.

It’s not nearly the same as Western style dating and some may find dating sexy Chinese girls strange. It’s worth the adjustment if you find the right girl.


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