Pretty Chinese Lady Beautiful Blue Eyes Nice Boobs

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Pretty Chinese Lady Blue Eyes Nice Boobs

So, right, a pretty Chinese lady is practical and smart. Going through lives and talking about work and all the things in between. Then all of a sudden like flipping a light switch and seeing a beautiful Chinese girl looking like this.

You’re weaving playfulness throughout your day, and that’s such a beautiful and essential thing. I think a huge mistake a lot of people make, is acting like one person throughout the day, and then another when they want sex. They change characters and play different roles. But if you’re not weaving eroticism into your daily interactions, it is so much harder to initiate foreplay.

Pretty Chinese Lady Blue Eyes Nice Boobs

Any Pretty Chinese Lady Appreciates Respectful Foreplay

Its important to leave it.  Then you don’t get in this habit of foreplay leads to sex leads to orgasm and ejaculation leads to we’re done. I think you can start it and go back, you don’t have to complete the hump basically, that’s really important too. It’s just like, he might fondle me a little bit and then that’s that. I think that can really help because if you delay. It’s just like when you get denied sexual satisfaction, that can make it hotter.
Blue Eyed Chinese Lady Nice Boobs
Blue-Eyed Chinese Lady Nice Boobs
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 So not always going all the way through the sexual act can be hotter. Then there’s no pressure that if he touches my boobs now we’re going to have intercourse until he orgasms. That can be stressful, if you are thinking, don’t touch my boobs. Because I know where that’s going to go.

You shouldn’t know where that’s going. I think you should just kind of, how’s everybody feeling today and in this moment, right? You’re looking to kind of build not only anticipation but unpredictability, so you don’t always know what’s coming next.

Seduction Plays A Big Part Of Foreplay

So a big part of foreplay is seduction. Do you want to be seduced? Would you want to be seduced tonight? A good meal would be a good place to start. Something really good and, and tasty just knowing that we’ve got some time carved out is really helpful for me. Hot Chinese models need food on hand at all times.

 I like a lot of touches, I like to be rubbed on. I like my head rubbed. Those are always good places to start. Just lots of touch. Showing some general attention that seems like it’s not super distracting. I don’t want my partner to be really distracted by a bunch of other things. A pretty Chinese lady like me should be plenty of distraction.

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