Big Asian Ass Flirting With Built Babes Tips

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Big Asian Ass Flirting With Built Babes Tips

Eyes are the windows to your soul and they can’t keep from looking at that big Asian ass. So if you’re paying attention, you’ll know if she’s flirting with you. Nice playing with you, be a good conversationalist. I want you to get to know me and learn what I like and dislike. It’s not attractive if all you ever do is just talk about yourself or your work.  Dress up like a thick Pinay babe with a fat ass ready to kill.

Anything else that just only relates to you. I want to make sure that I know that you are paying attention to me and you’re willing to get to know me. Pick my brain a little bit and keep things simple. Maintain eye contact and have genuine charm and wit. These traits go a long way for anybody.

Buxom Asian Beauty Built Like A Brick House

 Talk Easy To Relate Things & Look At That Big Asian Ass

Talk about things that are very relatable. Nothing too complicated or obscure, something very mainstream and humorous if possible. You know, whether you read a good book or this author. Suggest like that book or you know, find out the things that you guys like to do in common. Make thoughtful compliments the hot girls with big Asian ass.

It’s okay if you say, oh you’re pretty or you’re gorgeous. But I want more than that. Be creative and witty. The small details of things matter tremendously. if you can pay attention to the closing details and utilize them in your approach the results will blow your mind.

Big Asian Ass Animation

Tell Asian Women What They Do & How

Hot busty Asian women love to hear what we do and how we do it. So tell us something like, your hair looks amazing today but I really like your outfit. Or “you smell really nice” or “I love what you did with your nails”. That color red is perfect. So just be able to notice the small details we really like compliments.  Other than just the fact of how pretty we look today, confidence.

Be Confident & Comfortable In Your Own Skin

If you can show that you are comfortable in your own skin, you’ve already won me over. If I see that you have self-esteem issues or if you’re not fully happy with who you are, then that portrays some type of aura onto me, and then I feel uncomfortable because I’m a really confident person.

I love being able to just walk out my door and know that I’m a strong confident beautiful Filipina babe with a big butt. Being confident can be done in numerous ways. You know, it doesn’t have to be like the type of job that you possess. It’s also just how you speak. That confidence in who you are, with what you are wearing and what you say is everything. Having a hot body with a big Asian Ass helps too.

Being well educated and the type of job that you have means that you are winning. But that certainly isn’t everything, far from it.

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