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Getting It On With Sensual Thick Chinese Babes

Let’s talk about getting it on with sensual thick Chinese. Sex education is very limited if not basic in China indeed the Chinese culture itself. In fact, there’s no sex education in China. Parents would never talk to their children about sex. If you’re a young Chinese teen girl just starting college. Your mom will tell you to stay a virgin until you get married.

You do not talk about sex with your partner because it’s just, it’s too much. You’re kind of crossing a line at that point. I have so many questions. This means all the physical contact is very elementary school in China.

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Sexual Experience Is Not Considered Good In Chinese Culture

Having a lot of sexual experience is not considered a good trait. So a lot of men do expect women to be pure and that’s why a lot of women do hold out for marriage. Talking about sex with your partner is kind of seen as a not a good thing to do. This is definitely crossing that imaginary boundary line.

Let’s talk about the parents. So when you date busty Chinese babes you are practically dating the whole family. This is a very similar custom in many other Asian countries.

Hey mom, come meet my boyfriends. It’s so lovely to meet you. Tell me about yourself. Do you have hobbies? Do you have a job where you work? You have a care, do you have a house? Remember, a hot busty Chinese babe with big tits are generally very material oriented in this regard, thus the questions are pointed towards financial situations.

Sensual Thick Chinese & Family Questions

Chinese parents want to make sure that you’re with a guy who is able to provide for you and that you have some stability. Not with a guy that does not have any of these jobs. Such as an Actor, DJ at a nightclub, construction worker, or Youtuber. There is nothing there to  use in China.

Sensual Thick Chinese Animation
Sensual Thick Chinese Animation

So all you singers, dancers, and artist guys forget it. Also no one with tattoos. If you have tattoos, cover them up. Being a foreigner some of these rules might not apply to you to the same extent.

Being Accepted Gives You Opportunity For A Future

The good part is once you get past all those stages you’re finally getting accepted into the family. Divorce is frowned upon in China. So the really good news is that once you’re dating sexy Chinese girls there is not a lot of ambiguity.  No “I’m going to see her and I see other people” at the same time.  Just like you are dating and having a serious Asian relationship with each other.  Stay faithful to each other, that definitely shows through. 

This shows how she is going to prove to the whole world you are together. Chinese people might go to Paris and take a whole bunch of photos. Then come back and tell everyone in their home country. They like to look rich to their peers. Basically saying “look how much we can afford”. In other words a total facade of bullshit just to show face. That’s a really common Asian culture theme.



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