Meeting Normal Thai Girls Is Simple

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It Is Very Easy Meeting Normal Thai Girls

Many people are asking how to find a good girl in Thailand. The main problem is people go to all the wrong places when meeting normal Thai girls. It’s quite saddening really. The best piece of advice on finding a good girl in Thailand is simple. You most likely won’t find a quality Thai girl in a bar. Get out of the bars and take a look around.

It just amazes me that such a bad reputation is given to girls in Thailand and why. It’s because of the sex industry and bloggers who post their stories everywhere on the internet. My biggest piece of advice is one repeated so often it is always ignored. 

Meeting Normal Thai Girls

Stay Away From Bars Meeting Normal Thai Girls

Stay away from the bars! You don’t see the country for what it really is by any stretch.  Enjoy the beauty of the Land of Smiles, Thailand. Go out and meet those who make real Thai people. Go get something to eat at a local Thai wet market. Look around and have a chat about common subjects of interest, it could be anything.

Bangkok traffic is terrible but you can take the BTS skytrain to almost every part of the city nowadays. There’s lots of markets all over Bangkok to explore and meet normal Thai ladies just eating and living their lives. 

Meeting Normal Thai Girls
Meeting Normal Thai Girls animation

Lovely Thai Ladies Are Everywhere Especially Wet Markets

Lovely Thai ladies go to Thai wet markets and food stalls almost every day. You can also find some great food. Explore Thai cuisine and sample the various delicious dishes they have everywhere.

That’s one of the better ways to meet normal Thai girls. Meet them in a normal setting and nothing is more normal then regular everyday eating. It’s pretty exciting and fun to see all the site and beautiful Thai girls everywhere. Go on the hunt for something to eat. The biggest thing is gonna be trying some food you aren’t normally used to. 

Use A Conservative Approach To Meet Thai Girls

Meeting normal Thai girls is easy using this conservative approach . A lot of the the foreigners come over to Thailand and say it’s easy for me to sleep with Thai girls. When you look at how the majority of foreigners go about it, it’s pretty funny.

They go out drinking and renting Thai prostitutes which every country has. Thailand is not immune to the sex industry. Neither is any other country. But unfortunately in Thailand it’s so commercialized and pumped out on blogs and videos everywhere on the Internet. 

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You won’t meet a normal Thai girl in the red light areas around Thailand. Not saying all sexy Thai girls in these areas are bad. It’s just not a good starting point if you are looking for a good girlfriend and possible wife.

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