Filipina First Date Considerations For A Foreigner

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Filipina First Date Considerations For A Foreigner

Let’s get into some Filipina first date considerations that should be discussed. The question of what to wear on a first date is an important decision. You don’t want to appear out of place by dressing up too much or dressing down to the point where your date is ashamed to be with you not.

Your choice of attire is a nonissue It’s advised you wear whatever is comfortable including shorts and T-shirt. No one dresses up much here even for a first date. Now here’s something that can often upset you guys and while I’m not going to defend it, I will try to explain it. Many of you get really annoyed when you’re on a date and the moment there’s a lull in the conversation, your Filipina pulls out her smartphone and starts texting away.

Making The Best First Impression Filipina Dating

Be Mindful Of The Filipina Attachment To Their Smart Phones

This seems outrageous and insulting to you because where you come from, it’s a serious breach of etiquette and it makes you feel disrespected and ignored. I don’t blame you and that’s not something I would ever do if I were on a date with you. But the reason she seems attached to her phone is often that she’s nervous and doesn’t know what to say next. It could easily be that she’s texting her friend to ask for help on what to talk about her.

A cell phone is the 21st-century equivalent of a security blanket and she clutches it wherever she goes. Now if her love affair with her phone bothers you. There’s nothing wrong with saying in advance that you’d really appreciate it if you both agree to leave your phones out of your date. So that you can spend as much quality time together as possible.

Filipina First Date No No Boasting Of Accomplishments Or Financial Status

Here’s another tip that can avoid leaving a bad impression on your first date. The issue of bragging or perceived arrogance. I know that in your culture, a date is often more like a job interview.  Both sides try to slip into the conversation. Those things on the resume that they’re most proud of. Like an occupation or career. World travel history. Accomplishments that will impress your date while you can do that here too.

It’s best to downplay your financial status.  You have to remember that your Filipina already thinks you’re rich. Just by virtue of the fact that you’re a Westerner. So going into detail about how much you make your successful investment portfolio is pointless. All the houses your own back home will only seem like overkill to her. It will result in her feeling as though you’re begging, which is not something that’s looked at in a positive way here.

You can certainly mention your exciting trip to Paris, but don’t make it look like you’re listing all the great things that you’ve done that she never had the chance to do. It won’t have the effect that it would on a Western woman. Now assuming you feel that the date went well, you will ultimately be facing that awkward moment where you ask yourself do I go in for the kiss.

Did Things Go Well On Your Filipina First Date?

Chances are your Filipina hasn’t made any obvious signs up to this point. She might even seem aloof or disinterested in you, which confuses you even more. But it’s here that one of two things will happen if you decide to go for it. Either she’ll become very shy and back away from you. Or act as if she’s surprised by your bold action. She might dive right in and suddenly become more amorous than you expected.

In fact, it’s time for a little truth bomb here. If you invite her, there’s a good chance you’re Filipino will go home with you for some Netflix and chill. It can seem out of the blue and a total reversal of the vibe you thought you were getting. But don’t be surprised if that’s exactly what happens all because of a little kiss.

Ultimately you’ll be able to gauge the success of the evening by how often she starts texting you afterward. If a Filipina enjoyed your date, she won’t play coy or hard to get just the opposite. If she senses that you like her and assumes she likes you. Get ready for a barrage of nonstop communications, that’s your true litmus test for how she feels about your relationship.

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